RN-Right Now. Also Registered Nurse
  1. Eating SpongeBob Kraft Mac and Cheese
    Honestly there's nothing better. And spongebob is immensely greater than the normal kind of mac.
  2. Distracting myself from homework
    However, this is the first time during nursing school that I am not immersed in school work and homework and I'm not struggling to breathe so I am twitching with fear about what is to come next
  3. Making my first list
    I'm a terrible writer. I don't know why I'm doing this. I hate talking about myself. I don't even have a single follower. If someone out there is reading this list, hi.
  4. Reading other list-ers' lists
    My personal favorite is @AlexandraLouise because we think the same thoughts about life. She gives amazing insight into what it's like being a woman in the medical field. Mind you, a woman who is a doctor AND an anesthesiologist that still is disrespected because of her gender. She writes her lists so well.
  5. Aaaaand that's about it