1. TimeHop
    For those of us in our early-mid twenties, "hopping" back 5 years is no mere blast to the past. It places us back in our skinnier teenage angst years-which we most definitely let Facebook know about.
  2. Dominos Pizza App
    Or Pizza Hut. Or really any fast food app. You can't justify the use of these. You just can't.
  3. Candy Crush
    What are you doing with your life?
  4. "Health" App
    This app was designed specifically to induce shame. And there is no escaping it. This feature of the iPhone cannot be deleted, so Your best bet is to place it in a miscellaneous file and hide it at least 2 full swipes away from your home screen.
  5. Instagram
    An app that reminds you that everyone's life is better than yours as you scroll through the pics during the 30 seconds it takes Netflix to start the next episode.
  6. Apple maps
    It will lead you astray 100% more times than Google maps
    Suggested by @Carly