Podcasts to Commute To

Since I now have a job that involves a commute, I've been listening to a lot of podcasts...lots of comedy nerd stuff but getting into other things too.
  1. Another Round
    Amazing. And makes me laugh and think and feel and and and...
  2. How Did This Get Made?
    Hilarious. And saves me from actually having to watch all sorts of horrible movies
  3. Serial
    Of course. Can't wait til season 2.
  4. Andy Greenwald Podcast
    Really like his commentary on Grantland & enjoy his interviews
  5. What's the Point
    Podcast from FiveThirtyEight. For that data nerd in your life.
  6. Vox's The Weeds
    Another super wonky podcast. But super interesting
  7. Radiolab
    Consistently excellent.
  8. This American Life