My New York Must Dos

  1. Top of the Rock
    A must do every time we've been. Far superior than the super busy Empire State Building. Easily the best view in Manhattan. Bonus points for being able to see the ESB rather than standing on top of it.
  2. A walk in the park
    A walk through Central Park is an absolute must for me. It's hard to believe you're in the bustling city when it's so peaceful.
  3. Brooklyn Bridge Park
    Again such a peaceful place away from the crowds of Manhattan. Amazing views and surprisingly not too chilly on a brisk November morning.
  4. A sail up the river
    Okay so I wouldn't do this when its cold but for a bargain $2 from Brooklyn bridge up to 42nd street it was too good an opportunity to miss. The views were amazing.
  5. A Broadway show
    With so many shows to choose from there has to be one suitable for everyone.
  6. Macy's
    It's the worlds biggest department store and as a tourist there's 10% off. That's 2% more than tax free 😀 It would be rude not to go!
  7. The Disney store on Times Square
    It's not a patch on World of Disney on 5th but it wins as the best "Disney store" on the planet. (Note: best Disney store not the best Disney merchandise shop, the parks win hands down)
  8. The highline
    A beautiful walk through the heart of New York and it takes half the time it would walking on street level.
  9. The parks
    Bryant park, Union square park, Maddison sq park, Washington sq park. All worthy of a stroll on a chilly winters day (Starbucks in hand)
  10. Hale and hearty soups
    Whatever the weather I'll be there. 20 odd flavours to choose from and perfect when your going through a soup obsession. Sandwiches are pretty awesome too.
  11. To be continued...