1. Tikes peak
    Tikes peak at blizzard beach looks amazing but adults aren't allowed without a child. I've got the ticket now 😀
  2. An excuse to meet the characters
    Okay so I don't need an excuse, I'll happily queue with the kids to meet someone even if they happen to be a Disney junior character but now I'll have to meet them all again, for Coby of course.
  3. The splash stations at the parks
    A way to cool off that doesn't include a fast pass for splash mountain
  4. Ketchakiddee creek
    As above for tikes peak, yes I'll actually go back to typhoon lagoon for him
  5. Shopping!!
  6. I can dress him up in Disney clothes EVERY DAY
    Like I need an excuse
  7. No need to carry a bag
    We'll need a stroller so I'll not need to carry a bag around with all the essentials. Plus, no strap marks
  8. Main Street barber shop
    The only shop in the magic kingdom that I've not been in. Shame it won't be his first cut.
  9. Mickey balloon!!
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  10. Seeing his wee face when he meets Mickey.