This is not to brag. Just to keep track. I've gotten zero likes and interactions so it's not like anyone is reading these, anyway!
  1. Smart Ass Board Game from Trev
    We're a big game family.
  2. $50 Lush gift card from my aunt
    Could never run out of things I want from this store.
  3. The Walking Dead board game
    The original one. There's another board game out there I'll get. I'll get just about every official WD piece or merch there is.
  4. Black & White Daryl Dixon Pop Vinyl
    Limited Edition
  5. The Governor Pop Vinyl
    Only fiveish more to get before I have em all!
  6. The Walking Dead trivia game
    Sarah and I are totally going to play this in Atlanta
  7. Sonicare Toothbrush
    Nothing I'd buy myself but I'm glad I have one now
  8. Wireless phone charger
    This will come in handy
  9. Fitbit
    I had an old one of these awhile ago and lost its parts. Excited to use this.
  10. Bruce Springsteen ticket
    Because of his weird ticket policy my mom could only get general admission. NOT COMPLAINING. I'm just going to have to go really early so I can get a good spot on the floor. Bruuuuuuce!!!!!
  11. USB fan
    Cute; will be fun to use at work
  12. Pillow Pet
    My hippo was on its last legs so my mom got me the cute tie dye bear one. Love it.
  13. Winter coat
    Definitely needed one of these.