1. Shane, played by Jon Bernthal
    He hardly makes anyone's lists and here he is at number one for me. I sympathized with the struggles he dealt with and understood or at least could justify his actions. He was also tough when he had to be and did what he had to do out of loyalty.
  2. Rick, played by Andrew Lincoln
    He has become a fearless leader. Period. Don't mess with him.
  3. Daryl, played by Norman Reedus
    This character is ALL Norman considering he isn't even in the comics. Love how mysterious he is, yet how sweet and soft he can be.
  4. Herschel, played by Scott Wilson
    The voice of reason. A man with morals and dignity that he never lost. A prime example of someone who used his gifts to the fullest.
  5. Carol, played by Melissa McBride
    It'd be an insult not to out Carol in my top five. She is the character that has made the biggest transformation from season one to now. Insanely clever and such a badass.
  6. Glenn, played by Steven Yeun
    An all around good guy who has also gone though a huge transformation, really stepping up and becoming a true leader.
  7. Merle, played by Michael Rooker
    The only villain I list in my top ten. Rooker knows how to play a creepy hated guy, that's for sure. I just love how his storyline ends.
  8. Carl, played by Chandler Riggs
    Also someone who doesn't make top ten lists enough. This kid was what, 9? When the disease took over the world? Look what he has become. He's gone through some shit, understandably, but he is following in his dad's footsteps quite nicely.
  9. Michonne, played by Danai Guierra
    Simply put I love the growth and transformation in her and how she went from being the mysterious silent outsider to one of the group's most valuable leaders. Plus, the katana skills.
  10. Beth, played by Emily Kinney
    You don't like her at first. But she grows on you. She was sweet at the core. A true survivor.