If I don't find it on my feedly, I save it here. They're ordered from oldest to most recent.
  1. Can White Americans Be Free?
    A Salon think piece from 2013. It's been there for at least a year.
  2. Vaccines Work. Here are the Facts.
    A cartoon from The Nib that fits this description. This has been open for almost exactly a year. At that time my husband worked with a lot of anti-vaxxers and it completely stressed me out.
  3. The scientific evidence against spanking, timeouts, and sleep training.
    Found on Quartz. I'm a nanny and read obsessively. And I'm convinced there's little to no good that comes from above items based on my experience, gut, etc.
  4. The Kinspiracy home page
    A Tumblr I have not yet looked at. I think it's a parody of Kinfolk magazine? Or something?
  5. Miss Representation response
    A written response my little brother wrote in college - responding to, I think, a documentary about sexism and the media. He mostly wrote about me and I cry just thinking about it.
  6. The Ideal Woman
    One in a perfect series of perfect posts on The Toast by perfect human Mallory Ortberg. I keep this open because it always makes me laugh.
  7. Crepe Paper Lily of the Valley | Martha Stewart
    I am bad at crafts, because I am impatient and don't have the gift of making things look lovely or a steady hand. But lily of the valley is my favorite flower, and someday, I will make this craft. Maybe. Or maybe I will just put it on to do lists for the rest of my life and never improve my ability to use elementary school supplies.
  8. Coffee + Crumbs
    Subtitled "A collaborative blog about motherhood." I am not a mother, but I am a nanny. I don't have any friends that do what I do, so I find internet communities that understand pieces of my experience.
  9. night swimming - kristen martincic
    The website for an art installation that "explores the psychological and emotional aspects of swimming and being submerged underwater." My bff is an artist and sent me the link.
  10. honor culture american south - Google search
    I googled this and found gazillions of scholarly articles that I will someday wade through.
  11. invisible/visible 2014 - Winnie Truong
    Another link about an art show from my bff. This one is about hair.
  12. Paperless Post
    A web invite to the birthday party of my favorite kid. I have no idea why I haven't closed this - the party was months ago.
  13. new yorker taylor swift - Google search
    I can't stand Taylor Swift or her music. I realize my dislike is not entirely rational. Luckily for me, the New Yorker can't stand her either, and I can think catty and grouchy thoughts while I read their pieces about her.
  14. Regrout Wall Tile | The Family Handyman
    I'm regrouting some tile soon. This site has a great how to. The end.
  15. Salmon, Avocado, Watercress Salad with Pumpkin Seeds
    A recipe I plan to make soon from The Splendid Table - a food podcast that airs on NPR.
  16. Happy Holidays from GS&F
    The company my husband works for made a Christmas video and our dog is in it, so I've watched it at least a dozen times.
  17. Recipe: Lentil Dal with Hearty Greens
    A recipe from The Kitchn I'm making this week.
  18. The Best Cut-Out Sugar Cookies Recipe | The Kitchn
    I made dozens of these at Christmas, and they were a huge hit! I subbed orange zest for the lemon zest and used bourbon vanilla extract, but otherwise followed the recipe.
  19. the sphinx & the milky way
    This is an artist from LA who posts about primarily about moon cycles - I think astrology is the right term here? I don't know, but she's insightful and her posts about both new and full moons always challenge and surprise me.
  20. the picture of dorian gray cover - Google search
    I read _The Picture of Dorian Gray_ yesterday. I have an ongoing list of books I've read this year, and I include pictures of the covers.