1. This was my first selfie ever, taken on my Nintendo DSI.
  2. 6th grade: I thought that in order to have a good selfie, I had to put every filter known to man on it.
  3. Looking like you're in pain was also very hip.
  4. Duck face!!!!
  5. Don't put your whole face in your selfies.... it's lame.
  6. Also, don't hold the camera level to your face. Hold it as high as you can.
  7. Freckles
  8. When taking selfies, make sure you get really good lighting like this!
  9. I used to think my teeth were ugly, so I would clench them like this. So cute right?
  10. Do not fill in your eyebrows, that would be dumb.
  11. Bright red lipstick and no pants is always good.
  12. Here is a selfie from when I was malnourished.
  13. I mean I look like I'm 12 and it was the summer going into my sophomore year.
  14. I decided to chop all my hair off.
  15. Bloody haunted house selfie.
  16. Ayeee I turned into a princess.
  17. Good selfie taking skills, but still looking like I'm 12.
  18. Now I'm hot.