1. New friends
    I've made so many new friends during this journey and it will be so weird not seeing their beautiful faces each day.
  2. I will have no life
    Drama club has literally taken up all my time since I auditioned and it has been the one thing I've focused on the most. Without it, I have nothing to do with my life.
  3. Last show with Ken
    It sucks that Kennedy is a senior and this is probably the last show I will get to do with her. I love my best friend.
  4. Being appreciated
    Getting cast as Cinderella caused everyone to recognize and appreciate my talent. People in drama club actually look at me like I'm special and I will miss that.
  5. Escape
    My life sucks at times, but none of my problems were ever taken into rehearsals with me. They were a great way to escape any pain and just enjoy what I love doing.
  6. Great Show
    The show itself is so fun and spreads a great message. The show has amazing songs and emotional scenes. I will miss portraying Ella in this wonderfully written musical every day.