1. funny
    In my friend group, I'm the jokester. This makes it harder for them to understand when I'm vulnerable and need someone to talk to because they expect me to just be funny and happy all the time, which sucks. But hey, the life of a comedian is hard.
  2. Strong
    I'm not physically strong. My arms are jiggly and I can't even carry my dog, but emotionally strong. I don't feel strong because I feel like I'm down a lot and don't handle stress very well but my friends call me it a lot so I guess it's a thing!
  3. Honest
    I'm always honest with my friends because that's the most important thing in any relationship. Sometimes, I'm brutally honest, which I need to work on.
  4. Sarcastic
    I am the most sarcastic person you will ever meet, well except for Kennedy maybe. Every answer to any question asked to me will be said with a hint of sarcasm. I have sarcastic humor and it's gotten to the point when people don't know whether I'm being sarcastic or not anymore.
  5. Intelligent
    Even though I fucking suck at school, I have very insightful ideas and my true friends know that I truly am intelligent, despite my GPA.
  6. Felicia
    Idk it's just a thing ok