1. 😐
    Displeased, as if to say "of course." Picture Jim from The Office, simply staring at the camera or April from Parks and Rec.
  2. 😏
    Heh heh heh. Mischief at its finest.
  3. 😫
    Agony/dread, otherwise known as "the old man face." I mastered this back in high school and still use it quite often.
  4. 🙄
    When words fail, eternal eye-rolls will always be sufficient. Picture Tom Hanks in any of his films, especially Turner and Hooch.
  5. 😁
    those special moments of almost-inexpressible joy. the warm and fuzzies.
  6. 😑
    Last but certainly not least, the resting b**** face. An art my face has mastered by nature.