Thanks for asking @sarahsolene!
  1. I'm Lindsey.
    This is me and my sister at the Women's March. I'm the one on the left 😎.
  2. I've been a long time lurker on here until I gave up Instagram for Lent. I guess I still need to distract myself on my phone.
  3. I live in the house that I grew up in but I kicked my parents out before moving back home.
    Only kidding, leaving was their idea.
  4. My name is the same as a famous skier.
    This would be a nonissue if I lived in any state other than Colorado. Bartenders, cashiers, post office people, and really anyone who sees my name on a transaction keep me constantly appraised of her activities and choices. The Tiger Woods phase was the worst.
  5. I love to cook. It's my main creative outlet and pays off because I also really like to eat.
    My roommate and I often joke about how thankful we are that the other likes good food.
  6. I really only know one person on here in real life and that has been so freeing. But I am terrified of my many future grammar and punctuation errors.