1. Ramen
    Cooking Soundtrack: Gregory Alan Isakov
  2. Seared duck breast, mustard greens, and grits, with a red wine cherry reduction
    Cooking Soundtrack: Nilsson Schmilsson
  3. Chinese pancakes with roast duck, cucumbers, green onions, and hoisin sauce
  4. Pork Bulgogi Lettuce Wraps
    Cooking soundtrack: Pod Save America
  5. Roasted Spicy Italian Sausage with pepper and onions, Caesar salad, and Parmesan all over the whole mess
    Cooking to Blood on the Tracks
  6. Shakshuska topped with Arugula and Crispy Shallots
  7. Deconstructed Sushi-ish Bowl
    Listened to Two Dope Queens
  8. Cobb Salad
  9. Pasta with bacon, red onion, roasted tomatoes, and Parmesan
  10. Korean BBQ Turkey Burgers with Grilled Shallots and Pineapple
    Cooking soundtrack: El Michaels Affair
  11. Grilled mussels, artichokes, and bread
  12. Chicken Piccata with sautéed spinach and homemade fettuccini
  13. Grilled Pizza
    Spring cream from Pizza Camp and Spicy fig jam with blue cheese and arugula
  14. Shrimp Bahn Mi
    Soundtrack: last weeks Spotify discover playlist
  15. Tofu Vermicelli
  16. Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili
    Cooking soundtrack: nature!
  17. Momofuko's Bo Ssam
    One of my summer cooking goals complete!
  18. Smoked Eggplant with collards and cornbread
  19. Tomato Cobbler with Blue Cheese biscuits
  20. Tomato and Taleggio Tart with Wheat Thin Crust
  21. Shrimp and Grits
  22. Nachos!