1. From the announcers:
  2. "Nothing attractive about that"
    After a couple of guys got tangled up in the paint
  3. "And he took it like a man"
    After a player held his ground to take a charge
  4. The refs botched a major call in the Gonzaga/Northwestern game giving Gonzaga the edge. This is their coaches response:
    "You lose, your season's over. You win, in Northwestern's case, it's probably the best thing they've done in the history of the school."
  5. Can we stop pretending athletes are God's gift to their schools? It's Northwestern, I bet cooler things than a Sweet 16 slot have come out of there. (Quick google search: Like last years Nobel Prize in chemistry perhaps?)
  6. Giving him the benefit of the doubt that he was talking about just their basketball program I guess it was a compliment...
  7. More from the announcers:
  8. "So what if the refs are telling you don't wrestle, your coach is telling you go in there and be a man."
  9. "He's been intruding in his territory all weekend." "Kind of like you?" "Does that make you uncomfortable?"
  10. A really unfortunate use of "active shooter"
  11. "I don't think it's a vision problem. He saw me earlier and said I looked great."
    After a player wasn't making baskets during the first half.