Things I'm into...

A running list.
  1. Jenny's Print Shop
    $15 dollar print downloads. Great for engineering prints. Right now it's a small but really well curated selection. (
  2. The only political analysis that makes any sense to me right now.
    Twice a week seems excessive but it's not enough!
  3. This expensive, all natural deodorant.
    It's in been 4 days and my armpits have never felt so good.
  4. Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal's press tour.
    They can't answer one question without a 5 minute, hilarious tangent.
  5. Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires of the City
    Like clockwork, every spring I get a craving for this album.
  6. Allbirds
    The hype is real! They are so comfortable. They are sustainably made and a 9 year old didn't die making them. Also YOU DON'T HAVE TO WEAR SOCKS!