Here's the thing about babies: they make their arrival whenever the heck the feel like it! I am not a person who handles surprises and uncertainly very well. Here are some of the things helping me stay content and sane right now:
  1. Afternoon naps
  2. Decaf hot tea in the mornings and decaf ice cold Coke in the afternoon
  3. My little wedge-shaped Boppy pillow
  4. Listening to Ian say, "Oh, baby Leo..."
  5. Reading Great With Child by Beth Anne Fennelly
  6. Fresh flowers from Trader Joe's (see also: cookie butter)
  7. The autumn leaves!
  8. Good music: The new Adele song and Sandra McCracken's Psalms album
  9. Not reading the news. (I don't feel well-informed, but sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.)
  10. Washing and sorting all those adorable newborn footie pajamas