Inspired by @bookishclaire
  1. INFJs
    Or anyone also obsessed with MBTI or other personality tests
  2. People who share some of the same strengths as me (according to Strengthfinders)
  3. People who cold brew their own iced coffee
  4. Women whose favorite American Girl is Felicity
  5. Recovering perfectionists
  6. Moms of boys
    Especially if their boys are about the same age as mine
  7. People who talk about podcast hosts as if they are real-life friends
  8. People who cried when Sybil died on Downton Abbey
  9. Anyone who thinks Parenthood and the West Wing are the best shows ever
  10. Florida Gator fans
  11. Women who, as girls, basically wanted to be Kerri Strug
    See also: any of the 1996 US Gymnastic team, an American Girl, an Olsen twin