I don't know why I'm thinking about this today!
  1. My mom, grandma and I took a trip to New York for my third birthday. My earliest memories are all tied to that trip. We stayed with my Aunt JoAnn and Uncle Richie.
    Totally my favorite aunt and uncle. Don't tell the others.
  2. I know that's pretty early for a first memory, but it's crystal clear in my mind.
    My husband doesn't even remember anything from kindergarten, so he thinks this is crazy.
  3. I remember looking into the dining room and seeing my mom, wearing a floral print dress (brown, I think) and very pregnant.
    My sister Kelsey would be born 4 months later.
  4. I remember opening one of my birthday presents, a big orange slinky, and sending it tumbling down the stairs.
  5. Most of all, I remember going with my Aunt JoAnn to buy my birthday cake. I remember standing outside the bakery, looking through the storefront window and holding her hand. The cake we picked was white with red lettering and a rainbow.
  6. When I was in 5th grade, My Aunt JoAnn passed away after a very long battle with breast cancer. She was an amazing woman--beautiful, kind, smart, and made everyone around her feel special. I like to think that God--in his kindness--had me hold on to this sweet memory as my first, so that Aunt JoAnn would always stay close to me.