In honor of opening day! Go Braves! (Sadly, no tomahawk emoji!)
  1. Watching the Braves on TBS.
    My mom grew up a baseball fan in NY. Then she moved to FL and the Braves were the only team on tv. In my memory, it feels like we were watching the Braves on TBS almost every night. It was the golden years: Bobby Cox, Maddox, Glavine, Smoltz, Javy Lopez, Chipper, Andruw Jones...etc etc.
  2. Seeing Wade Boggs get his 3,000th hit.
    My sister, dad, and I went to 3 Devil Rays games in a row so that we wouldn't miss it.
  3. Braves spring training with Evan.
    Despite growing up a Braves fan, I had never seen them play live and in person. When Evan and I started dating, he took me to a spring training game. (Let's get sappy: that was also the first day he told me he loved me.)
  4. That time my sister said, "When are we going to see the Mets play?"
    She was 2. We were at a Yankees spring training game. (Or maybe Yankees minor league? Can't remember.)
  5. Road tripping to Atlanta to see Chipper Jones in his last season
    Evan and I drove to Atlanta to make sure we saw Chipper play during his final season. That was my first game at Turner Field!
  6. Yankees vs. Red Sox on 4th of July Weekend, the final year of the old Yankees Stadium
    Went with my cousin Chris. Mariano Rivera almost blew the often did that happen?! (Still...almost.)
  7. Braves spring training with our small group friends
    When we joined our small group, we quickly discovered that almost everyone in the group were Braves fans. It became an annual tradition to go to spring training together.
  8. Many, many Gator baseball games with my college friends
    When you talk about FL Gator sports, it's all football & basketball. But baseball games are so fun!
  9. Standing on the concourse with Evan during a rain delay, totally drenched
    Gators were playing in the Super Regionals. 2009.