Inspired by @DG
  1. My student ID number from elementary-high school
  2. My old cell phone number
  3. The address of the house I grew up in
  4. cell phone numbers
    Mine, my husband's, and my mom's
  5. My SSN
  6. Birthdays! (But not as many as I wish)
  7. My parents' and in-laws' home addresses
  8. All my AP and IB exam scores from high school
    Nerd alert. I feel like this could be indicative of some kind of trauma.
  9. My PSAT score from junior year.
    Actual SAT score? Nope.
  10. Old bank account number
    Current bank account number? Nope.
  11. My college student ID
  12. All the significant dates from my relationship with Evan.
    First date, "I love you," proposal, marriage
  13. Ian & Leo's birth times, weights, and heights