My favorite, favorite thing to do is hang meaningful stuff on our walls. Art & posters are my favorite souvenirs, because hanging them up in our home helps us keep those memories. We are also more likely to tell the stories related to those trips & times in our lives, because I find people ask about what's on our walls!
  1. Rifle Paper Co. San Francisco print
    We spent our honeymoon in SanFran. A year or two later, I found this print at a Rifle Paper Co. sidewalk sale. (Read: super cheap.) Ironically, it pictures the Palace of Fine Arts, which was closed for construction during our honeymoon. (But we did spend a lovely afternoon sitting in a park nearby looking at it. 👀)
  2. ...and a Rifle Paper Co. Winter Park print
    We spent the first 5 years of our marriage living in Winter Park, FL, which is where the Rifle Paper Co. studio/shop is. They made these Winter Park prints for a sidewalk sale or something. Our friends threw us a going-away party when we were moving to MI and gifted us this print. I look at it and remember the hometown we love and, more importantly, the community of friends who made it feel like home.
  3. My two Monet prints
    As a freshman in college, I spent spring break in Paris taking a 2-credit American Lit class. When we went to Musée d'Orsay, I spent the entire time looking at the impressionists. LOVE. I bought a few Monet prints that remind me of college, adventure, and learning. And most of our house is decorated in Blues & greens...I think that started with this lily pad print.
  4. A watercolor landscape painted by my grandmother
    Nanny is a wonderful watercolor artist. So many of my fondest childhood memories are of watching her paint, painting with her, and the paintings themselves. It reminds me of family, childhood, and Nanny's unconditional love.
  5. "You make me happy when skies are grey" canvas
    When we were first married, we had NO MONEY. (Seriously. Student loans only.) We bought this canvas with a 50% off Michael's coupon. Evan printed and cut out the letters, which we used like stencils. It's imperfect and simple and reminds me being a newlywed.
  6. "It is well/with my soul" canvases
    These were inspired by something I saw on Pinterest when I first joined. We had this funny corner fireplace in our second apartment, and I wanted one art piece to go around the corner. I painted (and repainted) these. We had a tumultuous year that year, and the simple truth of this hymn was comforting to me. They were the first thing I hung up when we moved to MI. (I need to get a picture of these!)
  7. Coffee print from Hatch Show Print
    For our first anniversary, we drove to Nashville. We had basically no spending money after paying for gas and the hotel, so we mostly just drove and walked around the city. But we DID bring home this big print from Hatch Show Prints, which is the coolest store. The colors were perfect for our house. And who would have known that our coffee obsession would only continue to grow from there? (Side note: this frame has no glass. It broke forever ago & we haven't replaced it.)
  8. "My God is so big..." canvas in Ian's room.
    This was a gift to Ian from my in-laws on the day Ian was dedicated at our church in Orlando. It reminds me of that day, and of the legacy of faith our parents have given us.
  9. Lindsay Letters canvas
    This also hangs in Ian's room. I'm obsessed with Lindsay's work but can't really afford on of her canvases...but then I found this one in Hobby Lobby. Both of our boys' rooms are slightly adventure themed. I am such a risk-adverse person and so afraid of failure...I really hope they can look at life as more of an adventure than I often have.
  10. Moon canvas from my sister Ashley
    Ashley made this for Ian for Christmas. He has been obsessed with the moon for a long time. He carried this big canvas around until we finally hung it up for him. Ashley is such a thoughtful gift giver...she works hard to make sure everyone gets something meaningful.
  11. We moved to this house a year ago, and this list is making me realize how badly I need to hang some other art pieces. (And definitely more photographs! I have some up but I'm not including them on the list...I swap them our by season, usually.)