I am finally pulling this one out of my drafts folder! Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. A MacBook Pro.
    Seriously. There is no other way. I have slowly converted my entire family and there is no going back.
  2. A good pair of jeans.
    Most of the time, Old Navy jeans are what's in my budget. But then I put on a pair of good jeans and suddenly realize, "So this is how jeans are supposed to feel." (Lucky Brand are my personal favorite.)
  3. A scented candle from ReWined (Charleston, SC but picked mine up from my local West Elm).
    I can't handle super strong candle scents, but I LOVE a subtle (and authentic!) one. These fit the bill perfectly. Rosè is my favorite.
  4. Amazon Prime.
    We've had this for several years now, but for real. This is even more of a game changer as a parent.
  5. Toddy Iced Coffee Maker
    Cold brew is the best and only way to make iced coffee. This is where my addiction began.
  6. Bose noise cancelling headphones
    My husband actually bought these, but he loves me so I have to share. Seriously, I am on a plane as I type this and getting rid of the plane noise is so wonderful.
  7. BOOKS.
    Duh. The best ones are life-changing and perspective-altering. The mediocre ones are still a better use of my time than Facebook.
  8. A journaling Bible
    I learn and process by writing, so I'm only sad that I didn't buy a journaling Bible sooner. This has changed the way I read the Bible. The whole process is more enjoyable, more focused, and less guilt-inducing.
  9. A black lined Moleskine
    My high school boyfriend bought me my first one of these, and they are the only way. Lately I have 2 going at one time: one as a bullet journal and one as a regular journal. Now even my toddler recognizes these as "Mama books" and says, "I write with you, Mama?" 💜💜