My husband and I decided to rewatch The West Wing, inspired quite a bit by all you awesome listers.
  1. Toby is grumpy from the start, huh?
  2. CJ Craig. Badass from the start.
    I was trying to think of another word for badass. Is there one?
  3. People like my sister and @bookishclaire keep saying Bradley Whitford is hot. I keep trying to get it...I just don't see it.
  4. I love Donna.
    Is my love of Donna because I know where this all goes, or is she just objectively great from the get-go?
  5. Mandy driving around yelling into her phone is the most...inauthentic part. She doesn't seem super believable.
  6. What's old is new again.
    It's so interesting to me that the political issues this show covers are relevant and timely no matter when I watch this show--when it aired, 2010, and now.
  7. I love President Bartlet's philosophical musings. It is my life's goal to always have some witty, relatable, intelligent story to address any given issue.
    The topic of this show is probably the only reason this works. Can you imagine anyone besides a president, talking to his aides, pulling off this sort of thing?
  8. Ok, here's what else is great about this show. All of the characters are fully realized from the beginning.
    They grow, but they are consistent. Their character, flaws, strengths are all established almost immediately. (I'm thinking of Downton Abbey as a counter example. It's good for characters to change, but not SO much that it seems only to serve the plot twists.)
  9. Mrs. Landingham, what's next?