Every month on my blog, I like to recap some of the things I've learned and been reminded of. Sometimes serious, sometimes shallow. https://lindseylearns.wordpress.com/2016/03/31/what-i-learned-march-2016/
  1. Stick with what works.
    If Princess Kate can wear the same 7 things all the time, then so can I. http://www.elle.com/fashion/celebrity-style/g27990/kate-middleton-style-formula/
  2. I mix up flower species.
    I was calling crocuses tulips, and hyacinths lilacs. (This photo is of the crocuses that randomly popped up in our backyard!)
  3. The West Wing is just as good the 3rd time around.
  4. The British Navy has a $380 million ship, and its name is going to be Boaty McBoatface. You win, Internet.
  5. Harvard has a library of rare colors. How cool is that?!
    I think this might be another thing that technology like Photoshop (...and Crayola) makes us take for granted. I had NO IDEA what used to go into making pigments. http://www.fastcodesign.com/3058058/the-harvard-vault-that-protects-the-worlds-rarest-colors
  6. Homesickness can pop up at unexpected times.
    The Easter season was one of those times for me. Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday made me miss our Orlando church community and our families something fierce. It caught me a bit off-guard!
  7. Instead of saying, "Sorry for being late," say, "Thanks for waiting."
    I don’t know why it hadn’t occurred to me before! Saying, “Thank you for waiting,” acknowledges your mistake in being late, but also acknowledges the effort the other person has put in. It may be semantics, but I think it’s kindness. http://jamesclear.com/say-thank-you
  8. Every woman on tv has the same hair. (Another thing to note about The West Wing: vastly different hair styles.)