I had back problems where I wore a back brace for a year and half and then had surgery. Overall I didn't workout for almost two years. Now I have gotten into a great workout routine.
  1. I mixed up my workouts
    I am starting with this because I think it was the key of me getting back into my workouts. Now I do 2 days of personal training, 1 day where I take a spin class, 1 day where I do a 5:30 AM HIIT class, 1 day on a treadmill and 1 free choice day.
  2. I started slow
    At first I did PT (for my back twice a week) and a spin class once or twice a week. This sounds like a lot as I write it but the PT isn't really a workout so I was just working out once or twice a week.
  3. I got a personal trainer
    After wearing a back brace for so long I lost all the strength in my stomach muscles so getting a trainer was necessary for me(well highly recommended by my doctor). By working with my personal trainer twice a week to strengthen my core like I needed.
  4. I found what I like to do
    Before I hurt my back I exercised by running and going on the elliptical but now I realize I don't really enjoy that anymore. I stick with what I like (which is spin and HIIT classes) which keeps my excited for my workouts.
  5. I got a job at my gym
    Honestly I think working at the gym I go to keeps me committed to getting there.
  6. I tried different things
    Trying a 5:30 HIIT class was so scary to me but it has become my favorite class. I still have more classes to try but with my schedule it can be difficult.
  7. I logged my workouts
    I just have a google spreadsheet going where I write down the days of the week and the workout I have done.
  8. I drank lots of water
    Working out for me is pretty miserable if I am dehydrated (my back is sensitive still!) So by increasing my water intake I found it easier to workout more.
  9. I made sure to listen to my body.
    If I was sore or very tired (especially my back) I skipped an occasional workout. I didn't skip workouts to often but if I needed to I did.
  10. I had rest days
    I think having rest days allows me to take a break. In the beginning I had like 5-6 rest days a week but now I have 1-2 rest days a week(normally).
  11. I had 1 (or more) active recovery day(s)
    An active recovery day is probably different for everyone but I would walk 30 minutes on the treadmill and stretch.
  12. I stretched
    I don't do this as much as I should now but I stretched everyday in the beginning(even when I didn't work out). It made such a huge difference.
  13. I was okay with certain things not "working out"
    Sometimes I had really bad days at the gym but I learned to put it behind me. I also started taking yoga classes but found it was difficult with my schedule and I didn't really enjoy it so I learned to be okay with that.
  14. I didn't beat myself up for missing workouts
    Whether I missed a workout because I was too busy, sick or whatever I just moved on and focused on making my next work out great.