It's something I have wanted to do for a really long time
  1. I was really nervous leading up to it
  2. Then I was really calm once we got there the studio was really cool
  3. Everyone seemed to be wearing Lululemon
  4. We went into the studio and found our bikes(I was with my sister)
  5. The bikes were more confusing and just generally different than the spin bikes I ride at my gym
  6. I couldn't figure out how to clip in
  7. I finally figured it out and realized I needed to get out in order to adjust the seat
  8. I took forever to figure out how to un-clip from the seat
  9. I readjusted the seat
  10. My sister couldn't figure out how to clip into her bike and I couldn't really explain how I was able to clip into mine
  11. We missed the instructor giving the instructions for first timers
  12. The class started
  13. It was really dark
  14. The music was super loud
  15. I began to realize how hot they keep the studio
    I work at the gym I take spin classes so I know that they literally keep it at like below 60 degrees it's so cold in there
  16. Realize I do not know how to change the resistance (ut oh) — I never figured it out I think mine was broken but idk?
  17. I was sweating like 5 minutes in... Like dripping sweat
  18. Sister drops water bottle (she's having a hard time clipping and un-clipping) so I un-clip and accidental kick her water bottle further away (UGH)
  19. Retrieve water bottle try to get back on bike like nothing happened
  20. Really focus on the next couple
  21. Why is this instructor dancing around? She literally only spent like 1/5 of the time on the bike.
  22. Okay so now we are doing weights
  23. Two lbs seems light for me but my arms were burning
  24. She kept saying keep going don't stop (it sounded more encouraging the way she said it
  25. Couple more songs everything goes well
  26. I struggle to stay on beat
  27. All the sudden realize I have no idea what time it is
  28. I feeling like we're nearing the end because she talks about coming home
  29. Last song I really try to push it
  30. The instructor does crazy stretches on the bike
  31. I try but fail to mimic these stretches
  32. Does anybody else take soul cycle classes??
  33. I want to take more I am hoping they will go better now that I am more comfortable (#awkotaco)