1. Acme
    There's two Acme's equal distance(just about) from me. One is nice clean and bigger while the other one is small and gross. Pros: the gross acme is super convenient Cons: both are expensive and the nice acme while just close is often in the other direction I need to go
  2. Whole Foods
    Pro: good produce, on my way to and from school Cons: $$$ and does not have normal brand names
  3. Shop Rite
    Pro: lots of stuff and good prices Con: literally huge (like I need 45 minutes for a milk and eggs run)
  4. Shop and Stop (It's the same as Giant)
    Pro: (idek haven't been in so long) maybe nostalgia because it where we shopped for years and years
  5. Trader Joes
    Pros: So much good food (I'll make a list later) and cheap prices Cons: 20 minutes away and more in traffic
  6. Kings (It's a NJ NY & CT small grocery store)
    Pros: Sometimes it's very convenient and good meats Con: So expensive
  7. (Don't know what made me want to make this list but I love grocery shopping and would actually like to hear about where other people shop so)