People are fucking idiots
  1. Are the fitting rooms locked?
    Gee... I don't know could you open it yourself or did you have to come ask for assistance?
  2. Do I need a key for the fitting rooms?
    No they are magic clap four times and do a dance and they will fucking open. Idiot.
  3. Do you work here?
    No I actually clean this place for fun.
  4. Can you tell me the price?
    reads them the price tag that says $38
  5. Is this on sale?
    bitch is there a fucking sale sign anywhere near it?!?!?!
  6. Is this stuff on sale?
    no, the sign that reads going, going gone is not the same as the sale rounders that read REDUCED
  7. Are the bathrooms over here?
    yes actually please feel free to take a shit in our fitting room area marked dressing rooms