I've been obsessed with "You've Got Mail" since it came out during my youth. Here I give you Kathleen Kelly's best looks.
  1. Here.
    11d3a697 5be2 4ca5 8882 693971483017
  2. This.
    Adde5fed 9d13 452e a41a b97a9d87f24b
  3. Classy.
    45206b6e 833d 4389 9e63 a1555f463290
  4. This.
    7f600b86 dd92 4058 897c dec26f0585f4
  5. And this.
    9339fbc3 d75b 41af a560 0f78545ce0f6
  6. Cute.
    29ac5cb8 a0a5 4a27 856c 9863feb9da3e
  7. Go-to sick look.
    D4867dd7 c6b1 48c8 a5b1 628fb7aeba87