1. Yesterday was a good day.
  2. My sister got accepted into Vet school.
    Like woah.
  3. My best friend and her fiancé set a date!
    Seattle for Memorial Day weekend! I'm pumped!
  4. I got coffee from my favorite spot in town.
  5. I got a lot of homework done.
  6. The weather was nice.
  7. I went out for drinks with my cousin.
  8. And then I found out some bad news about one of my closest friends from college.
  9. His dad died.
    And I can't even imagine.
  10. I want to be there for him, but I don't know what kind of comfort he wants or needs.
  11. So this list is just a reminder to me that it's okay to reach out just to say "I'm sorry. I love you."
  12. And a reminder to hug my dad a little tighter.
  13. Peace and blessings.