Sometimes I just need to repeat these things all day.
  1. Be brave.
    Be brave enough to own up to your mistakes. Be brave enough to say no. Be brave enough to be yourself. Be brave enough to be vulnerable.
  2. You are not allowed to be bored.
    There are too many beautiful things to see, artistic endeavors to begin and old friends to write to to be bored.
  3. You are a servant to others.
    And it's ok that this is hard-- very hard sometimes. Just remember that you are not a judge, just a servant like Jesus was. Be a witness to Him always.
  4. You are so fortunate!
    Yes, life is hard sometimes, but take advantage of all of the blessings life has thrown your way! Don't waste these opportunities that not all people have.
  5. Does anyone else have any mantras? Please share your own list!