(Over it)
  1. This was a suggested pin on my feed.
  2. I didn't click on the link because, guess what? I already know the remedies. And there are only 3 steps! So easy.
  3. Ready for the secrets?
  4. 1. Drink lots of water.
    I mean a lot. And nothing else. Nothing else to eat, either. Eat only water. No fat=no double chin, ya fatty.
  5. 2. Hold your head up.
    Wayyyy up. Pretend you're looking at the clouds directly above you all day, even in conversation or when walking.
  6. 3. Buy a chin trainer.
    It's like a modern-day corset for your chin. You can wear it at home, at the gym AND at the office. Not super discreet but it also helps with posture so it's got multiple benefits! The link to ChinGangSociety is in my bio!
  7. That's it, y'all!
    Forget the fruits, veggies and well-placed fruits and veggies! Post your results and tag me🙋🏼