I worked in an office as an Art Director for NINE years at the same job, and then I went off the deep end last May to wanderlust and all that cliché stuff, now I am a freelance creative person. I'm still getting used to it and hence marvel at the contrast from my previous office world constantly
  1. Free Like Cheesy Bread / Crippling Financial Insecurity
    I took a HUGE paycut to do this. But my happy payout has been high so it's a good trade. However I have one major client and I'm in constant fear of something happening and if they cut me loose imma have to hustle a looooot harder. BUT I can work my own hours and dammit if I want to go to yoga at 10am then I'M GOING TO GO
  2. Flexible Schedule / No One Believes You Work
    Keep my own hours! I am an ENFP and have a strong need to feel UNDERSTOOD by others and since I went freelance I work just as much (actually, more). It seems like I am a butterfly in the wind doing whatever I want but really I have been sitting at the computer for the last 11 hours in PJs. I get all weird like I need to prove it (this list much?) Part of this is my fault, as my Instagram is filled with travel and nature photos but you don't want to see my gross PJs insta so whatever.
  3. Internet / Internet
    I can look at all the NSFW and Cat videos I want all day everyday! I never had time for anything fun on the Internet at my office job because I barely had time to go to the bathroom back then, but now the Internet is a warm beautiful abyss that can call to me and it's scary sometimes. Maybe less was better.
  4. Army of One / Loneliness
    I call the shots now and I choose the music and the decor and do whatever I want. BUT I miss my office folks everyday. They were my work family so it feels a little like I divorced them (I worry that they hate me now). Sometimes I don't see another human for 48 hours and while glorious at first, does get kinda lonesome. I do work out in the world sometimes and I'm looking into coworking but that shit costs money (see point one of this list)
  5. Great Coffee / Great Coffee
    I make a huge pot and drink it all day and then feel CRAY 👀 but I love it. Our coffee at the office was shitty and too far from any decent places to walk to get a fix. Plus I was chained to my desk anyways
  6. The Possibilities / Being Human
    I can do anything!!! In my former job, I had an idea and then put it together and delegated to others to make and guided it along. This was a luxury. I am an idea person and get really excited about possibilities and growth BUT I am a human and one person with two hands/one heart/one brain and things take time, which is really frustrating. I am endlessly in awe of people working on their own with high productivity levels. If you are one of those people can I learn your Jedi ways?
  7. Wandering / ?
    I am MOBILE. This is one has no downside. The first time I worked from a coffee shop at 10am on a weekday my mind was BLOWN. Now I am geographically free as long as I have decent internet (I carry about 8 tons of computer/hard drive/Wacom and art supplies in a backpack but that's ok) and I can work from anywhere. I have been able to travel a lot because of this wonderful change in my life.