1. Beard Candy Beard Candy Beard Candy
  2. Why did I eat so much Korean BBQ before this show?
    Kimchi and Hite burps mmmmm
  3. New Orleans Brass Band Intro/exit is always a good idea
    Who doesn't love this? Post-show parade through the lobby was fun
  4. My future husband is here somewhere
    Let's ride horses across the desert and sing lonesome songs
  5. There are more men wearing hats than women
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    Lots of this kind of thing going on
  6. Everyone loves this fantasy. Men want to be the old west cowboy wanderer and women want to be the lady they're singing about
    Everybody wins
  7. Not a fan of the poetry interludes guys
    Noble effort, I see where you're going with it and in a more intimate setting it'd work
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    (Then I spent the entire show anticipating the balloon drop)
  9. I wish there was more opportunity to people watch with the lights on
    So much hipsterness in one room
  10. Let's go to the K-SPA
    We went after the show (they're 24 hours!) so soak and sweat out all those drinks
  11. Can't wait for Pappy & Harriet's!!!!
    Seeing them play at P&H in July, what better place for them?!?
  12. Zzzzzzzz