these are my true favorite sounds, I love them all
  1. The sound of gravel under my shoes
    Crunch crunch crunch
  2. The buzzing of the powerlines in west LA
    This is the quintessential sound of LA to me, a constant hum outside my first apartment
  3. The faint sounds of plates and silverware clinking at dusk as i walk through my neighborhood
    No matter where I live, it's a city sound and I love it.
  4. The bus (LA)
    Used to pass by my last apartment, after I got over it being loud and annoying it became kind of lulling/peaceful.
  5. My dad's humming and sniffling
    He is always humming and he has allergies. The sound of home.
  6. "Pirrrrruuup" : the sound my cat makes when he is saying hey
    Occasionally when he feels like getting up to greet me when I come home, or decides to wake me at 5am to remind me to feed him
  7. The sweet song of a dial-up modem (bing bing bing boooong crrrhhhhhhhhzzzzz)
    Probably will never ever hear it again but it is the nostalgic sound of my youth.
  8. putting a tape in a tape deck and pushing the buttons
    On my Sony boom box in the 6th grade. I made so many mix tapes
  9. The "boooong boooong" of an approaching elevator
    Suggested by @evan