1.50 tacos at las palmas in Yucca Valley on Monday nights. If you are ever in Joshua tree or surrounds on Mondays it is the place to be.
  1. All the locals are here
    This is real hi-dez, so happy they even let me in, I bet they could smell the LA coming. (Locals do not like weekenders very much)
  2. Potato Tacos!!
  3. Topic of convo: "art for arts sake: why is it so exclusive?"
    I love you people
  4. New friends are amazing
    When you are in your 30s and beyond it feels harder to make new friends, so I am so glad to be invited! 🙏(Moving to the desert and I know don't know ANYONE)
  5. Sitting in my car making this list cause I had 2 ritas
    It happens
  6. Marachi guy, is your hair real?!?
    It's so poofy!