Some rando bits
  1. I am a concert cryer.
    This is true. It is so embarrassing but I can't help it. Many tears for sufjan tonight I'm sure.
  2. Next week I'm going to Zion national park!
    Major camping so excited
  3. I like you guys, you're all amazing writers.
    Lists are fun to read
  4. Confused about my relationship with LA
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    I have lived in LA for 10 years, but the last month living in Joshua Tree, I was so happy. I loved it. My brain was peaceful. I am trying to reassess what it means to live in two places.
  5. I discovered UberEats
    Like whoa. A man brought me a delicious meal in 8 minutes.
  6. I saw U2 at the forum last week and I cried many tears.
    haters can hate whatever but the adolescent girl in me who listened to my achtung baby tape till it broke will always always love them no matter what. If you have a problem with U2 take it elsewhere! Also: Joshua tree. Listen to it while driving through the park and I DARE you not to love it.
  7. What am I trying to say? What is this even about?
    With my ARRRRHHHHHTTTT (fancy for Art). Not always sure. Working on getting this to emerge. Makes for crippling insecurity. Constantly obsessing all the time it's so dumb.