Beautiful, breathtaking, and a universe of landscapes, each unique and strange. My favorite National Park experience so far, it felt like we had it all to ourselves. The draw of the desert is eternal.
  1. The Artist's Palette
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    Minerals paint these hills, you can wander among them. We went at sunset, I thought my heart would explode it was so beautiful.
  2. The Mesquite Dunes
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    Epic and beautiful and fun to climb and slide down barefoot
  3. Dante's View
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    Behold the inferno below you. It's almost 5000 feet up, cool and breezy and you can see the tie-dye of the basin swirling in all it's salty glory
  4. The Devil's Golf Course
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    Gnarly salt crystals in the basin for this magnificent maze. Bizarre and other-worldly.
  5. Zabriskie Point
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  6. More Artist's Palette
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    There are not words enough to say how breathtaking this is. I am still high on it and it was 2 weeks ago.
  7. Darwin Falls
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    Life finds a way.
  8. Charcoal Kilns
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    Charcoal was made in these at the turn of the century( for only 3 years) and carried 30 miles away to a mine in mule wagons. Now they are echoing and beautiful and you can sing "do-re-mi" in surround sound and it's fun as hell
  9. Badwater Basin
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    The lowest point in the US, almost 300 feet below sea level, you feel it. Walk out on salt. It's so weird.
  10. I mean, gorgeous.
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    That's my friend Alyx