Rented a lil place for May. It's going to be hot but that's alright.
  1. Go to the Noah Purifoy sculpture park
    I hear it is awesome
  2. See a desert tortoise 🐢 (in the wild)
    Lifelong goal
  3. See some music at Pappy and Harriet's
  4. Yoga
    There is a super cute place right in the village, classes are like $10!!
  5. Do all the hikes in my guidebook
    Mornings to beat the heat, set my alarm earlyyyyy no snoooze
  6. Eat at Sisters cafe
    Warm rice wrap forever
  7. Eat at crossroads
  8. Eat at pie for the people
    Double yummmm
  9. Drink some drinks at JT saloon
    Of course, refreshing beverages
  10. Visit all the fun galleries
    Meet some people
  11. Paint my heart out
    The desert makes my heart sing
  12. Buy a cool vintage thing at The End in yucca valley
    Place is 🙌
  13. Goto the cactus mart
    !!! 🌵
  14. Buy a house
    I been lookin for my perfect desert oasis spot