This is my friend's list, I never do ANY of this
  1. Cut your own bangs
    Stylists tell you not to but always feel like a champ afterwards
  2. Pop a zit
    Mothers everywhere are saying "don't pick your face" so why do we feel compulsed to do it??
  3. Go back to bed
    If I am feeling shitty I'm supposed to go for a walk or exercise or make art but it feels so good to just lay down
  4. Enjoy being alone
    Sometimes I love it so much and wonder why and will I regret it later
  5. Get drunk, dance and eat McDonalds
    Goddamn. Technically dancing is fully acceptable but sandwiched between these two makes it questionable
  6. Peel or pick
    Scabs, hangnails, sunburns. Bodies are so weird and gross and why why why
  7. Flip a bird in traffic
    I know road rage and my mom would freak, but sometimes esp in LA you really need to let your feelings be known to that PERSON who just did a STUPID thing and it feels GREAT
  8. Like American cheese food
    Not bespoke or artisanal and somewhere a hipster just lost his wings. I'm lactose intolerant but turns out almost no real food in these slices! I feel high on life after unwrapping that Kraft Single (reserved for special occasions only) or dip a chip into some velveeta queso.
  9. There are so many more I can't think of them now because I'm thinking about Kraft singles, you know you love it
  10. crack knuckles
    Suggested by @Samuel
  11. sleep after a big meal
    Suggested by @Samuel
  12. gossip
    Suggested by @Samuel