I traveled across the US and Europe for many months using airbnb and had a magnificent experience. Back home, I was kicked out of my Venice apartment for illegally renting while I was traveling. I am well versed in both sides of this story. ➕ Add your thoughts, this is truly a divided topic! http://laist.com/2015/05/13/santa_monica_airbnb_ban
  1. The LA housing market is cray. Kudos to SM for trying to help make a dent, but this was a low-hanging fruit and not the root of the problem.
    Santa Monica was way overpriced before airbnb was invented, at least now the rest of us can visit and see how the other half lives.
  2. Litigation and legislation! And so it begins. This is where the rubber hits the roads and hopefully there can be a compromise.
    Blanket bans are not the answer. The SM ban does allow for shared spaces so that's good, but banning all short term vacation rentals isn't the right answer (in my opinion). NY and a few other cities are in this boat too and are moving toward some clear guidelines but we have a ways to go. At least Santa Monica can afford to litigate this kind of situation and it will become a benchmark for other cities.
  3. Airbnb makes it possible to travel to amazing places on a budget and also helps homeowners (and some renters) make money.
    I am living proof of this.
  4. Airbnb is making money hand over fist
    And yes they have lobbyists. And their marketing team is good. No one has the wool pulled over our eyes. Capitalism and sharing economy are strange bedfellows but they're making it work. The hotel industry isnt exactly a victim.
  5. Paying the city transient tax is a good compromise. Usually 13 to 14%.
    Like the hotels pay! This makes sense. Airbnb is fully capable of helping hosts collect and pay these taxes but they only do it if legislated into it.
  6. At first glance this ban seems like rich people trying to keep the poor people from visiting.
    Good luck trying to get a hotel room that isn't disgusting for less than 300 a night, if there are even any rooms available at all! California dreamin'
  7. I understand it sucks if you live next to a home that becomes a Airbnb party palace.
    This is part of the joy of homeownership. It could be worse, there could be cars on blocks or crazy dogs or all kinds of stuff.