A potpourri of things I am thinking today
  1. The dude across from me at the library picked his booger and wiped it on the table when he thought no one was watching
    I saw you
  2. What is REALLY important?
    I ask this question of myself all the time re life work what to get for lunch
  3. Will my brain melt from looking at screens?
    All day er'day
  4. Can you have TOO much coffee?
    I feel so tired but I already had so much
  5. Santa Monica is full of money
    I think they hide it in the sewer
  6. Thanks for using some money to make this library for me to work in, city of Santa Monica
    I don't even live here but you let me use your beautiful tables, quiet atmosphere, and copious power outlets
  7. Is anything I've made good? I can't look at this anymore.
    On repeat
  8. I want a snack
    Always. Apple chips, where can I get those asap
  9. The new Alabama shakes album Is KILLING me
    Soooooooooo good