Why I hate the "woman engineer" scene in Silicon Valley

Gonna preface this by saying I have not watched the show. I've seen maybe 3 separate 4min clips, and they've all filled me with rage/annoyance to the point where I don't even want to give it a chance. https://youtu.be/Dek5HtNdIHY
  1. They use my least favorite trope: the woman engineer
    You know, the one where she's the smartest most badass coder that ever graced their presence, and she's going to eat these men for breakfast.
  2. Not all women engineers eat, breathe, and piss code.
    Some do! It's fantastic. But I want a range of peers, role models, and mentees. You shouldn't be made to feel any less important of an engineer because you're a woman who likes to work on your other hobbies at night and on weekends.
  3. Her hair is really cool though... mad props.
    ...fuck I have the exact same haircut as that character. Goddammit. I want to be her friend.
  4. They only want to hire "the best person," not just a candidate who's a woman.
    WHY NOT BOTH?? WHY CAN'T IT BE BOTH? WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR A BUNCH OF DUDES TO TALK ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF DIVERSIFYING THEIR TEAM. Studies have shown that diversifying tech teams makes the teams more successful. Why are we still acting like this is so awkward of a conversation that we can't even have it.
  5. She is uncomfortable being called a "woman engineer"
    I'm iffy on this. On one hand, I get it. No one wants to hear "you're a great engineer... for a woman." But on the other hand: women do not have it easy in this industry. Most attended classes, jobs, and conferences where there was hardly another woman to be seen. Many felt the need to become "one of the guys" to maintain a level of respect, lest they become attention-seeking, crybaby feminazis that can't just take a joke. I want to be proud of my womanhood, dammit.
  6. Oh my god, is this how my doctor dad feels when I binge-watch House?
  7. Thomas Middleditch says the show is a comedy, not a social movement.
    I guess I can come to terms with the fact that the cast and writers don't have a responsibility to make me feel like there is positive cultural change on the horizon. But that doesn't make me feel less shitty.
  8. I'd love to see a show about a group of women that try start a tech startup.
    And they're all different colors and sexualities! And some are powerfully confident while some are awkward and quiet! And they make jokes about how they spent a whole day stuck on a problem and it ended up being some bad logic in an if-statement, because they really are smart but can still make dumb mistakes sometimes. Then they get wine drunk and talk about sex and makeup and how hard it is for women founders to get funding. I want to see a show glorifying the women I see everyday.