1. To track my daily ramblings
    There are so many of them...I apologize in advance
  2. To help @sky not have to listen to me ramble
    Poor poor Sky...
  3. To nerd out about whatever tv show I'm currently obsessed with
    Did you guys read Shane Ryan's Paste article on GoT and Bran Stark?! Ah!!!!!
  4. To tell the people about my current music and playlist game
    Currently—Ch-Ching by Chairlift
  5. To have a place to air my grievances
    I'm grieved by things like hands that are disproportionately small, mean people, ice cream that is flavored like food (cake batter, cotton candy? What is that shit?), unrequited love, the usual
  6. To have a place to distract me from shopping
    It's a real addiction. There—step 1—admission.
  7. To procrastinate further from my social media job
    Which essentially is pure procrastination in and of itself
  8. To tell you all how great you are!
    I love love!