This list is dedicated to @boygirlparty! Love you GF. And of course my Granny Dee, who is an amazing artist. ❤️ When I told Roy I was gonna do this list, he was like "whoa that could take a while." Luckily, I restricted my list to only the things my Granny Dee made for me that were on display and readily available.
  1. Carved heart on the door
  2. Pillow with flower and heart
  3. Small heart rug next to the key basket
  4. Classic carved heart in what my family calls "Granny Dee red"
  5. Rosemary spring with adorable pink bow
  6. Carved heart and some sort of weird talisman thing with a heart.
  7. Another carved heart
  8. Broken carved heart with some sort of religious text on it. Sorry I broke your art Granny! 😳
  9. "Kokeshi" doll made out of a pepper grinder... With a special guest appearance by @boygirlparty in the background and by Roy's computer chip "jewelry" in the foreground.
  10. Pear shaped pillow
  11. Owl shaped pillow
  12. Rock with lace glued on it... I dunno why. It just is...
  13. Another carved heart, in pink
  14. Owl carving
  15. Button heart
  16. Three carved hearts, plus small pillow, plus a greeting card in handmade frame. Also, a picture of the artist herself.
  17. Three pillows
  18. Small pillow as a door knob hanger
  19. Hooked rug heart on the bedside table