This list is dedicated to @boygirlparty! Love you GF. And of course my Granny Dee, who is an amazing artist. ❤️ When I told Roy I was gonna do this list, he was like "whoa that could take a while." Luckily, I restricted my list to only the things my Granny Dee made for me that were on display and readily available.
  1. Carved heart on the door
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  2. Pillow with flower and heart
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  3. Small heart rug next to the key basket
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  4. Classic carved heart in what my family calls "Granny Dee red"
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  5. Rosemary spring with adorable pink bow
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  6. Carved heart and some sort of weird talisman thing with a heart.
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  7. Another carved heart
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  8. Broken carved heart with some sort of religious text on it. Sorry I broke your art Granny! 😳
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  9. "Kokeshi" doll made out of a pepper grinder... With a special guest appearance by @boygirlparty in the background and by Roy's computer chip "jewelry" in the foreground.
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  10. Pear shaped pillow
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  11. Owl shaped pillow
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  12. Rock with lace glued on it... I dunno why. It just is...
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  13. Another carved heart, in pink
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  14. Owl carving
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  15. Button heart
    2da311b3 79f6 43de 86ec 967e0b713de5
  16. Three carved hearts, plus small pillow, plus a greeting card in handmade frame. Also, a picture of the artist herself.
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  17. Three pillows
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  18. Small pillow as a door knob hanger
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  19. Hooked rug heart on the bedside table
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