2016 Ups

The year wasn't all downs
  1. Working with a bunch of creative, inspiring, passionate ladies
  2. Seeing a Gulls game
  3. Overcoming my fear of "acting"
    If you call running down a hall while screaming acting
  4. Dancing my butt off in a warehouse
  5. Making art
    And having it in a few galleries was pretty neat too
  6. Playing hookie, and riding the coaster at the pier
  7. Learning to ride a bike
  8. Getting a play into a festival
    Even if they did spell my name incorrectly...
  9. Putting my production muscles to use on something fun for myself
  10. Vacationing with my sister
    (And not killing her)
  11. Fostering good friendships
    And being okay with ending toxic ones
  12. Meeting this dude
  13. First kisses
    Was he wearing that? Yes, yes he was, and it could not have been more perfect.
  14. Road trips
  15. Being okay with being vulnerable
    Emotionally, and my fucking god, do you see I'm in a photo with Santa
  16. I can't wait for 2017
    Because besides these ups, 2016 did have way too many downs.