A lil after Christmas break for me 💁🏻
  1. Oh hai 7:55 am, and my shuttle arrived ahead of schedule
    Normally I drive to LAX, but treat yo self!
  2. I landed in NOLA and booked it to the bathroom: NO LINE.
    Fuck yes, gonna be a good vacation!
  3. My friend had just gotten her bag and was waiting for me by the time I got out: big hugs all around
    She flew from Minnesota and we met for a gal pal vacay
  4. We went and ate some grub
  5. She was pretty excited
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  6. I was too
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  7. After we ate we went and saw some jazz
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  8. Then met up with a friend and his brother (they spent Christmas in New Orleans with their parents)
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    My brother went to high school with him so he decided we should take this pic and send it to my brother (my brother put us in touch in October even though we've both lived in Los Angeles for the same amount of time - 4 years 🙄 my brother also phrased it "you guys should network" 🙄). My brother didn't respond to his friend. Or me when I told him "we're networking in NOLA." He's probably busy though not just ignoring us 🙄
  9. Day two started with grub
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    Bonus points for the beautiful mug
  10. Then church
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    I'm not the least bit religious but my friend is and there was some nice singing plus there was free coffee so it was fine
  11. Some Spanish moss
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  12. Some art in the park
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    Immediately after snapping this my friend, who is a freakin cinematographer, told me I was at the wrong angle, and I didn't feel like having a photoshoot so it stands as is.
  13. A poboy
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  14. This thing
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  15. More jazz
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  16. And some more jazz
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    This is a terrible photo but the wall art was on point
  17. Day three started with food
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    Noticing a theme?
  18. Then a drive out to the bayou
  19. Where we did some hiking
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    And hoped to see an alligator but didn't.
  20. And saw some trees
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    My friend said the little stumps looked like penises. Can't say she was wrong.
  21. Then we went to a plantation
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    The guide kept saying "the enslaved families" and referring to their fucking enslavement as "employment" and it took every ounce of my patience not to flip a shit
  22. Then we ate again
  23. And again
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  24. And now my friend is napping while I make this list.
  25. And tomorrow we fly back to Los Angeles
  26. But this has been an amazing trip!
    Except for the plantation tour: that was pretty fucked up.
  27. And I already want to plan a return visit ❤️