I've never heard comments like this in real life before so I must be living in a weird comment section of a right-wing news site, or maybe the NRA site? I don't know but it's scary.
  1. "Well, he's scared. He grew up in Kentucky and he's always had guns and he's scared they're going to be taken away after all of this."
  2. "If the people at the health center were armed this wouldn't have happened."
  3. "There has to be some kind of mental health test where you can flag these people, I mean, look at their facebooks even."
  4. "Well, they did go to Saudi Arabia recently for a month."
  5. "Obama isn't doing anything: what's he done? This keeps happening."
  6. "I mean, she's a Saudi mail order bride so obviously something like this would happen."
  7. ----------------------------------
  8. 14 people are dead
  9. 17 are wounded
  10. And these people are worried they'll lose their hunting rifles.
  11. I'm just so sad, frustrated, mad, scared, and tired of all of this.