I was just in Portland-ish Friday am - Monday pm: these are the highlights/my recommendations for a long weekend in the City of Roses.
  1. The Enchanted Forest
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    In Turner (8462 Enchanted Way SE, Turner, OR 97392). This might be better visited with kids, but I appreciated it as a single adult in her late 20s because the guy who made this place, Roger Tofte, built/designed/painted almost everything in the park by himself, or with the help of his wife and small children. And the art is weird, friends, the stuff of nightmares even.
  2. Oregon State Hospital Museum of Mental Health
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    In Salem (2600 Ctr St NE, Salem, OR 97301). I'm a fan of science/health care museums (there are more than you'd think) so I really appreciated this museum which details the history of mental health institutions in Oregon and it is on the grounds of a still functional hospital. Plus One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest was filmed here. And many of the exhibits have interactive features: you can hear patient histories, look into drawers. It's great!
  3. Silver Falls (the South Falls trail)
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    In Sublimity (20024 Silver Falls Hwy SE, Sublimity, OR 97385). Not only does this hike have waterfalls you can walk behind, it also has: clean restrooms with flushing toilets, quite a bit of parking, clearly marked trails, and a coffee stand. It's $5 to enter and worth every damn penny.
  4. Eat some of the best food in Portland.
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    Here's a list of my recommendations. All are in the city. I ate a bunch, it was all good: Tasty n Sons (dinner or brunch), Bushel and Peck Bakeshop (breakfast), Salt and Straw (ice cream), Broder Nord (brunch), Jim & Patty's Coffee (it's called a Pig Newton: get it! It's so freakin' good),
  5. Take in a street market in Portland
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    I accidentally ventured through one on NE Alberta St on Saturday but I'm told each weekend there is some kind of market with work make by local artists. I scored this sweet magnet at the one I went to.
  6. Drink some beer in Portland.
    Another list within a list, and these are all in the city: Kennedy School (it was once a school, now it's a brewery. There's also a movie theater here), Ecliptic Brewing (lots of outdoor space, not so scenic, but nice), Hair of the Dog Brewery (they have a nice tasting flight here, but this place can get very crowded), there are a bunch more, but these were my favorites from this last visit
  7. Purrington's Cat Lounge
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    In Portland (3529 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland, OR 97212). All of the cats here are adoptable, you can get beer, and for $8 you can drink that beer while playing with cats. HEAVEN
  8. Tillamook Forest Center
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    (45500 Wilson River Hwy, Tillamook, OR 97141) educational, and it's free. Plus they have some great art by Hugh Hayes about conservation. Definitely a worthwhile pitstop on your way back from, or to the coast.
  9. Cape Lookout
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    This is on the coast (13000 Whiskey Creek Rd, Tillamook, OR 97141). Frankly, the end view that people go crazy over isn't that impressive and had I known that I wouldn't have done the full hike. But you're in a freakin' rainforest: mist rolls in as you hike, there's moss all over the trees, the trees are huge and if you keep your eyes peeled the animals are too.
  10. Pelican Pub & Brewery
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    (33180 Cape Kiwanda Dr, Pacific City, OR 97135) the pub itself is fine (burger was a bit dry, beer was decent), but the view from the patio was fab, and it makes for a nice pitstop after a coastal hike.